Fun Facts about “Enigma” and early release of “Exile” 6/5/2014

First off I would like to announce the early release of “Exile”, Book 2, of the “Angel’s Promise” series. As of today it is available through Amazon and Kindle! Yay! So don’t wait! Go download it now!

Next I thought it would be fun to give some fun facts about “Enigma” and myself….. if you haven’t read it yet it is also available on Amazon and Kindle so go download quickly so that you will be up to speed for “Exile”!


Fun Facts:

*My mom (like Mattie’s) always made me a strawberry birthday cake every year! It is my favorite!

* Mattie’s favorite drink at Spirit’s is actually my favorite drink from Starbuck’s…. Peppermint mocha with chocolate sprinkles.

* Like Mattie I am an 80’s music fanatic!

* My favorite song is Make Me Lose Control by Eric Carmen that Avan sang to Mattie at Spirit’s.

* I always wanted a blue VW bug like Mattie drove in “Enigma”

*I used to have a white Mustang like Avan drove in the book.

*Peach sweet tea is my favorite beverage that Lorenzo always made for Mattie at dinner.

* I did not base any of the characters in the book on anyone I have ever known.

* Oceanview and Bridgpoint California do not really exist to my knowledge.

* When deciding what cities to use in the book I wanted to create every aspect from my imagination rather that research and use real cities so that people could use their own imaginations to create what they looked like.

* The editor actually removed forty pages of content because they said I wrote in too much detail.

* I never realized I had added as many twists to the story as there were until the book was finished, all of that was unintentional for the most part.

* I used the coffee shop “Spirit’s” in the book because I was a Starbuck’s manager many years ago and it was my favorite job out of all the ones I’ve ever had.

* I love singing and have a passion for music so that is why I incorporated it into the book.

* I originally wrote “Enigma” because I wasn’t working at the time and I’d already read everything in my bookcase so I decided to give writing my own book a shot.

* I always wanted to be an author from the fifth grade on when one of my all time favorite teachers, Mrs. Phyllis Gilbert told me how talented of a writer I was after reading my journal entry for “A Taste of Blackberries”.

* I use my teenage daughter as my beta reader.




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