“I couldn’t put “Enigma” down and am anxiously awaiting the next one!”

– Kim Vaughn

“Alot of my Facebook friends are here to network and help each other out and I’m praying that the bookworms check buy your book not only because your my cousin and I asked them too, but because its a really great book! I can’t wait for your 2nd one already! I didn’t realize you had that much writing skills inside you but very happy you put them to practice for us to enjoy!!!!”

– Natalie Reynolds

“I am not usually a reading fan but, I am interested in this book!”

-Jessica Woodfill

” I have been!  I am 75% done with it so you need to get the next one out there!! There is never a dull moment!”

-Connie Carter

“Very good book!”

-Anthony Williams

“Ok, so I just finished Enigma. Not happy about having to wait to see what happens next, but I sure enjoyed it! When will I get to see what happens next? I’m very impatient, lol! I love Netflix for the fact that if I’m watching something that leaves me hanging at the end of an episode, that I can just start the next episode and keep watching! I’m terrible! Hurry up with the next one, and let me know as soon as I will be able to get my hands on it! :)”

– Delaine Umsted Brown

“Leslie! I just finished reading “Enigma” and loved it! I can’t wait for the next one!”
– Stephanie Clay Mendell

“Awesome book. Once you start, it holds your interest and you just can’t put it down. You won’t be disappointed”
-Hollie Williams


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