Summer Fun

Hello there! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! If so I am sure some of you are looking for summer reading materials… If you are anything like me you have already made it through most of, if not all of the books you bought at the beginning of the sunny weather! Some of you are gearing up for road trips, plane trips, family vacations and more, am I right? Either way you are most likely going to be facing travel time, down time in airports, hotels, in the car, on the beach, by the pool side, or somewhere else. Let’s face it…. we go nowhere these days without our electronics! So what can you do with all of that down time in between activities? I have the perfect solution! Since we can all download the Kindle app on our electronic devices that is step #1! Then don’t waste a minute downloading “Enigma” and “Exile”! There you go! Whether it is a staycation or a vacation now you are prepared for an epic adventure to add to whatever else you have planned! Not to mention you’ll be getting prepared for Book #3 in the “Angel’s Promise” series that will be in the process of coming out soon! So jump on the angel fan train and get your downloads today! Not simple enough? Here are the links!

Link to download “Enigma” Kindle version:


Link to download “Exile” Kindle version:




So there you have it! Happy Reading!


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