“On My Own” Behind the Music

As a recording artist, I tend to lose respect for others in the entertainment field who are successful just because they know someone, are willing to completely change who they are, or dance around wearing close to nothing just to obtain publicity in order to achieve their goals. To me, when people like this are supported it is a mockery of the entertainment field as a whole. I would rather work hard and never make it than face the fact that I only got where I was for one of those reasons. “On My Own” is a song about empowerment and fighting for what you want. This song talks about how you will prevail no matter what as you work hard to get there. It is not limited to the entertainment field but applies to anything! It is my belief that in life no matter what you are striving for, hard work is the only admirable way to attain it. Nobody respects people who have everything handed to them on silver platter and then complains about how hard life is. I believe to truly appreciate the beauty of having achieved a goal it has to come from you facing all the curves balls and storms on your own that life hands you along the way and overcoming them so that you can look back and say “I did it”! This is a song for anyone who isn’t afraid to go after what they really want and have no fear of working for it! Give it a listen now at www.myspace.com/lesliedrennan-musician and www.soundcloud.com/author-leslie-drennan


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