Release of “Enigma”

Cover Photo

 Well everyone, the time is approaching quicklyfor the release of “Enigma”. As an author I can’t describe the different emotions I feel. I am so excited and on the edge of my seat as the days fly by and the release date approaches. Yet another part of me as a first time author is “shaking in my boots”. I know that have a book published and released is a great accomplishment, and to be honest it is probably the greatest career achievement I’ve had to this point. Needless to say the butterflies are fluttering in my tummy as I wait in anticipation for March 5!

  I have learned so much over the past few weeks when it comes to marketing and being a new author that sometimes it feels as though my head might just expand to the point of explosion as I struggle to retain all of the things I need to keep in mind about this whole situation. I never knew before that first time authors have to depend greatly on word of mouth for book sales and that depending on the demand for the book in bookstores depends on who and how many will order it in to put on their shelves. I also did not realize that it is generally your local stores that will carry it first and then it will spread but that most of your sales will still take place via the ordering sites and through Amazon, Kindle, Nook, etc…. Bottom line, being an author is tough and requires such a great deal of work but is worth every last second of it!

    In other news a new author website is under construction that will give fans access to all media sites, blog sites, event schedules, ordering sites and much more! I will be updating everyone on these important things! Don’t miss out on keeping up and don’t forget that “Enigma” will be available for order from bookstores nationwide March 5!


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